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Algicon Stock Problems

You may recall that in June the use of Algicon or Peptac was recommended in place of Gaviscon following the decision to remove Gaviscon from Prescription.

It is therefore unfortunate that manufacturers of Algicon are having stock problems and are currently unable to supply Algicon. As yet, they have not made a decision to discontinue this product although this outcome seems increasingly likely.

Apologies to those of you who have already implemented the recommendation, obviously Algicon would not have been a recommended option if it had been known there would be future problems.

The manufacturers of Peptac have confirmed that are there are no current stock problems or any plans to discontinue the product. The recommendation that was originally made still applies with some minor revision.

Action: Any patient on an Alginate and concurrent GI medication for acid (PPI or H2RA) should have the Alginate (Gaviscon or Algicon) stopped and have their symptoms re-assessed. Patients on Gaviscon or Algicon only should be changed to Peptac.