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Bricanyl pMDI being discontinued

Terbutaline (Bricanyl) metered dose aerosol inhalers are being discontinued in December 2005 according to the Pharmaceutical Journal.

The manufacturers have confirmed that the inhalers are being discontinued and that the product is unlikely to be available after December 2005. They do not foresee any problems with supply until December based upon current stock holding.

Consideration needs to be given to the alternatives that are available. The choice will be based upon changing the drug or the device. If an aerosol inhaler (pMDI) is the preferable device then Salbutamol Inhalers are readily available. If maintaining the drug is preferable then the Terbutaline Breath Actuated Dry Powder Device (Turbohaler) is an alternative. NOTE: This device is not being discontinued.

Action: Prescribers will need to identify all patients currently being prescribed Terbutaline Aerosol Inhalers and discuss the alternatives. Patients will be used to using an aerosol type device and therefore a Salbutamol Aerosol Inhaler is likely to be the most satisfactory alternative in many patients.

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One Comment to “Bricanyl pMDI being discontinued”

  1. Hi
    I have a complaint ... the very strong transparent plastic around the device ... it is so snug & therefore impossible to remove without sliding a sharp knife under it in order to remove it. How many asthma sufferers have died whilst struggling to remove this? Also, could the manufacturers not create an even smaller window showing remaining doses. This way panic can not only be created by trying to get into the damn thing but also over when it needs replacing.
    Thank you.

    Comment by Susan Snaith (ms) — October 19, 2008 #

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