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Flomax Update

The discontinuation of Flomax and the launch of Flomaxtra has already been reported here and advice has been given. New information has come to light and new advice is detailed below.

The Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee website carries information that the Prescription Pricing Authority will continue to pay pharmacists at the capsule price even if tablets are dispensed.

More importantly, Flomax is a drug that is widely available from Europe through parallel importing. Despite the fact the UK supply of the product is likely to be exhausted in October, the availability of Tamsulosin Capsules is likely to remain problem free until December.

Action: Continue to prescribe Tamsulosin Capsules as supplies are unlikely to be affected by the discontinuation of Flomax. In the event that stock problems do arise arrangements are in place to allow pharmacists to be paid for prescriptions while issuing tablets against prescriptions for capsules.