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MHRA to vet adverts for new drugs

The Medicines and Healthcare product Regulatory Agency is to start assessing adverts for all new drugs according to a press release on the website. Currently adverts for certain new drugs are vetted, but following the Health Select Committee's Report on "The Influence of the Pharmaceutical Industry" the remit is to be widened to cover all new drugs.

The period of vetting is likely to extend to about 6 months unless problems are identified in which case this could be extended. This extension also comes at a time when the MHRA are upholding more complaints about drug adverts, as published on the website.

Action: Clinicians may be interested to know that controls on drug adverts are being tightened. This extra safeguard should not stop individuals making complaints to the MHRA or Prescription Medicine Code of Practice Authority (PMCPA) if the advert is misleading or inaccurate.