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Microval Discontinued

Wyeth has decided to discontinue Microval, a progestogen-only contraceptive pill containing levonorgestrel 30 micrograms. This decision follows a period of supply difficulties and the withdrawal will allow Wyeth to rationalise their current hormone-based portfolio.

The withdrawal should not cause a great deal of disruption because an identical product is available from Schering Health. Norgeston contains levonorgestrel 30 micrograms per tablet and the pack size is the same as Microval (35 tablets).

Action: Clinicians will need to identify any patient who is currently using Microval and ensure that future prescriptions are for Norgeston if this choice of contraceptive is still appropriate.

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30 Comments to “Microval Discontinued”

  1. I haven't had any periods for 4 months until I started using HRT. Now I'm having periods lasting for 3 weeks. The clinic gave me microval, will it stop my period?

    Comment by FN — June 22, 2022 #

    1. @FN, Amenorrhoea, or 'no periods', is a side effect of all progestogen only contraception. So, it is quite likely but by no means guaranteed.

      Comment by Matthew Robinson — June 22, 2022 #

  2. I am on Microval, my period is usually 5 days but today is my 8th day. It stopped last night, my urine was yellow and no blood on tissue the next morning. After taking the Microval pill at 9am, about half an hour later, I started bleeding again.

    Comment by Dedré — June 3, 2022 #

  3. Good day, I started taking Microval from the second week after giving birth, I have not been taking it at the same time. Now my baby is a month old and I have been on my period for a week, at first it was heavy and now it's not as heavy but it's not stopping. My usual period lasts 4 days. Please help as this is frustrating me.

    Comment by Sibongile — December 17, 2021 #

    1. @Sibongile,

      Microval is a progestogen only contraception and it is therefore important that it is taken at the same time each day. You may find that gives better control and it will certainly be more effective for contraception that way. If this is not something you can do, or your period continues then you need to speak to your doctor or nurse.

      Comment by Matthew Robinson — December 17, 2021 #

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