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More Inhalers Changes

Two further changes have been announced that will affect the availability of some inhaler devices used in the treatment of asthma.

Firstly, Nedocromil (Tilade) inhalers are being replaced with a CFC-Free version with immediate effect. Patients should be advised to clean this new device as per the patient information leaflet to avoid blockages.

Secondly, the CFC containing inhaler, Sodium Cromoglicate (Intal) will be discontinued. This appears to only affect the Intal brand with no indication if the other Sodium Cromoglicate containing products (e.g. Cromogen) will also be affected.

Changes in propellant are likely to affect the sound and taste experienced by the patient. Patients should be warned to expect these changes so their confidence in the treatment is not affected.

Action: Clinicians who treat respiratory disease should be aware of the on going changes in asthma devices. Information about the changes in inhalers should be provided at the point of prescribing and dispensing.

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