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New Year - New Look

New for 2006 the site has been given a new look!

This site has been available for just over 6 months now and has posted over 100 articles. It gets visited over 4000 times each month from over 1000 different places and this is still growing.

Mainly, users in the United Kingdom visit us, but also America, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

Our European visitors come from Austria, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Belgium, Estonia, Hungary, Ireland, Italy and Cyprus.

Internationally, we also get visits from Singapore, Japan, China, Mexico, Argentina and Saudi Arabia.

What started as a personal and very local project just to see if this type of site was possible has grown into something I never imagined.

So, as a thank you to all the visitors who use this site I have given it an overhaul. I hope you like it during the coming year.

Happy New Year!