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Return of Volumatic

In August it was announced that the Volumatic® spacer device was to be discontinued and replaced by the Aerochamber Plus®.

The Committee on Safety of Medicines (CSM) have raised concerns about changes in drug delivery through the new spacer. This has led to the reintroduction of the Volumatic spacer. Regular supplies are expected to be available from mid February although limited amounts of imported stock are available immediately.

The CSM recommend that:

  • patients who are prescribed a spacer for the first time should be prescribed a Volumatic with Aerochamber Plus being used only if Volumatic spacers are unavailable.
  • patients currently using either a Volumatic or an Aerochamber Plus should continue using this spacer device unless they are experiencing difficulties.
  • children using high dose inhaled steroids or long acting beta-agonists through the Aerochamber Plus should be given priority to changing back to Volumatic when product availability allows.

A question and answer document concerning the reintroduction of the Volumatic Spacer is available at the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency.

Action: All Clinicians who prescribe for patients with asthma should be aware of the reintroduction of the Volumatic. The impact of the reintroduction is likely to be small because relatively few patients will have been changed to the Aerochamber Plus spacer device.

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