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NICE Influenza guidance triggered

The Department of Health has written to health professionals today after rising levels of influenza activated the NICE guidance for the supply of oseltamivir (Tamiflu)®.

The letter contains a summary of the NICE guidance for the prevention and treatment of influenza.

Prevention: Oseltamivir can be prescribed for the prevention of flu to people aged 13 years or older who:

Treatment: Within licensed indications, influenza treatment can be prescribed as follows, provided that the treatment can start within 48 hours of the onset of symptoms:

Figures published on the Health Protection Agency website indicate that there is a regional variation in the report of influenza like illness, with low reporting in the North of England and rising reporting in Central and South England. It may be appropriate to seek the advice of local Health Protection Units before prescribing.

Action: Clinicians should be prepared to prescribe for the treatment and prevention of influenza if advised to do so by local health protection units.