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Gynol II Discontinued

Janessen-Cilag has discontinued Gynol II®, a spermicidal jelly containing nonoxinol '9'.

Ortho-creme contains the same active ingredient but it is a cream base rather than a jelly. The tube size is also slightly smaller at 70g compared to 81g in Gynol II.

Action: Ortho-creme may be a suitable alternative for patients who are currently using Gynol II with good effect.

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75 Comments to “Gynol II Discontinued”

  1. I have just discovered that Ortho-creme has been discontinued and can't believe that the tubes of gygel are so tiny! Surely it is not too much to ask for decent sized tubes, and also for a choice, I have used both creme and gel in the past and have been fed up with not having the choice for the last year or so. I will be contacting the manufacturers as soon as my pharmacist had managed to find me some (he was very helpful) but it would have been useful if my GP had realised before he wrote me a presciption for a discontinued product.

    Comment by Diana — September 22, 2008 #

  2. I've been a successful user of ortho creme and orthoforms for 8 years. Gynol gave me extreme irritation. So now I'm as annoyed as everyone else was when gynol disappeared.
    I have no other contraceptive choices, can't take hormones, and after a failed sterilisation and complications, refuse to let a doctor near me with a coil.
    What choices are we left with as women, it's ridiculous......celibacy?

    Comment by Helen — September 3, 2008 #

  3. I to am struggling on with Gygel. I prefered ortho creme ( less gloopy than Gynol ) Now I'm back to Gygel in tiny tiny 30g tubes. I get mine from the FPC, but to day I was told, that my suppies will be limited to one tube at a time ( max of one tube a month)! That's not to much of a problem for me, but could be for some! I am much more frugal with the applied ammount now!

    Comment by Hbeven — August 19, 2008 #

  4. Hi All. Another couple here who are completely turned off by Ortho=Creme. I will be approaching the FP clinic for Gygel next week & if no luck there my GP. I think this whole episode is shocking. I already feel under so much pressure to use a hormone based contraceptive (pill, implant, minerva coil) but simply will not as I believe there will be a price to pay in later life for all this "hormone pumping" that goes on these days. There are moves to ban the routine use of hormones in meat farming yet it's by far the favorite option of the medical profession for women. Anyone else find that disturbing?

    Comment by Mandy — June 22, 2008 #

  5. Hi, just thought I'd sneak a look to see whether this site was still attracting the same level of interest as a couple of months back! For those who have been told they have to pay for gygel, my local chemist has now managed to get me several prescriptions of gygel and I have never been asked to pay, he just ticks the free contraceptive box on the back of the form. ( I am in Hampshire by the way, so the 'Scottish' prescription stuff definitely doesn't apply here!) He has also told me that ech time I get a new prescription, he will automatically re-order ot for me so that I don't have to wait for ages when I take the prescriptions in to him. I still think the size of the tubes is ridiculously small and I do still prefer the texture of gynoll ll, so will probably continue to order from the US as I find the cost is surprisingly reasonable. (it's http://www.undercovercondoms.com )

    Comment by Sarah — May 29, 2008 #

  6. [...] By far the busiest article on this site, in terms of follow up comments, is about the discontinuation of Gygel II. [...]

    Pingback by Prescribing Advice For GPs » Contraceptive Gel — April 2, 2008 #

  7. My doctor wrote a prescription for OrthoCreme, not knowing it had gone off the market. When my chemist eventually got Gygel (early March) the prescription was changed to two tubes of Gygel. Someone here obviously realised that each tube contained less.

    I get free prescriptions because of a medical condition, but I'm sure that I was offered the choice of ticking the 'free contraceptives' box on the prescription. I'm in Scotland; maybe that makes a difference. I certainly got no impression that I would have been asked to pay for a contraceptive product.

    Comment by Maggie — March 29, 2008 #

  8. I have just received my Gynol II gel from the US website http://www.undercovercondoms.com at a cost of £7 with £5.95 P&P. Arrived in around 10 days. From what I can understand, the tubes are over three times the size of what is available in the UK. They also sent me a standard 10% code with my recipt for payment but within a few days also emailed me with a 20% off offer across their product range. I think you need to order fist to get the deal but if you are a regular user of the products its worth stock piling!

    Comment by Amy — March 22, 2008 #

  9. I just learned that Ortho is discontinued.
    I ordered the replacement product from exress chemists in Brighton. But it is much more expensive.
    Could someone recommend a reliable American website where gygel is better value?

    Comment by Simone A — March 20, 2008 #

  10. Having just squeezed out the last drop of Orthocreme - yes, some of us successfully used it - we too have found that it is now discontinued - its only taken the three local chemists 3 months to find out why they can't get it. The comments are most helpful, but the attitude from DoH et al outrageous. Can Sarah share her supplier's address?

    Comment by Simon — March 16, 2008 #

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