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Doxepin discontinued

Doxepin (Sinequan)® capsules are being discontinued in all strengths according to the National Electronic Library for Medicines.

Doxepin is a tricyclic antidepressant with sedative properties. It is expected that supplies will be exhausted by October 2006 although some strengths may disappear sooner.

Doxepin is not widely used but is not available generically and therefore alternative products will need to be used if treatment needs to continue. Amitryptiline, Dosulepin or Clomipramine may be suitable choices.

Action: Clinicians should be aware of this products discontinuation and may wish to identify individuals currently taking this drug. Alternative treatments will need to be investigated if treatment will continue beyond October 2006.

Update: In early 2022 several generic manufacturers are continuing to supply doxepin in the UK. It appears to be readily available in 25mg and 50mg strengths.

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77 Comments to “Doxepin discontinued”

  1. I have been prescribed Doxepin,. If it is discontinued why have I been prescribed this medicine and furthermore, why is the pharmacy filling it!

    Comment by Toni — July 17, 2022 #

    1. @Toni, The post above was updated earlier this year stating the doxepin was still available in the UK as other manufacturers had continued to supply. You must not have read that part.

      Comment by Matthew Robinson — July 17, 2022 #

      1. I read that part but I live in the USA. Why am I still being prescribed Doxepin?

        Comment by Gregory — July 20, 2022 #

        1. @Gregory, This site is intended for readers in Britain. The drug may never have been discontinued (even temporarily) in the USA. If you want to raise the question about why you are prescribed it, you really need to ask your doctor who has your medical records.

          Comment by Matthew Robinson — July 20, 2022 #

  2. My doxepin says it expired October 2021, is it still safe to use? I don't use it very often.

    Comment by Jayne — July 6, 2022 #

    1. @Jayne, I wouldn't advise using them if you can obtain a fresh supply. While it is not likely they will do you any harm, the efficacy may be reduced.

      Comment by Matthew Robinson — July 7, 2022 #

  3. My dermatologist prescribed doxepin for me, 10 mg at bedtime for itching. Have been taking it for 2 weeks. It has had no effect other than a more sound sleep. But the (eczema) itching is so severe it take hours to fall asleep. I do take benadryl as well. I'm wondering if I should ask the doc to consider an increased dose. What do you think?

    Comment by Concetta Vanpatten — June 9, 2022 #

    1. @Concetta Vanpatten, Yes, it might be worth asking if a higher dose is suitable for you.

      Comment by Matthew Robinson — June 9, 2022 #

  4. Why is doxepin still being prescribed?

    Comment by Minnie Booker — May 31, 2022 #

    1. @Minnie Booker, Please note the update added at the end of the original article. Other companies have continued production of this medicine.

      Comment by Matthew Robinson — June 1, 2022 #

  5. The VA has me on 100mg of doxepin nightly! I've been prescribed up to 150mg of doxepin before the doctor cut it down to 100mg. This drug doesn't work for me! I've taken almost every other drug used for sleep however none of them worked. Those drugs were mainly anti-histamines. Take doxepin at 6pm nightly, I'm lucky if I fall asleep before 1am then I'm wide awake again between 5-6 am. This has been going on for quite a few years and I'm tired of being tired! I'm 74 and in excellent health, don't drink or do drugs anymore (since 2006), and would love to get a full night's sleep!

    Comment by Fred Farkleshine — April 19, 2022 #

    1. I'm sorry to hear this Fred. I'm a 72 yr old vet. I'm going through my recently deceased sister medication. She was given 100mg doxepin one a day for many years. Why! It was discontinued by the manufacturer in 2006 because of problems. You should not take it...

      Comment by Richard Barton — June 2, 2022 #

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