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Innovo Insulin Pen Discontinued

The Innovo Insulin Injection Device will not be available in the UK from the end of August 2006. This device is used to inject insulin from 3ml cartridges however declining demand and large numbers of complaints about this device have brought about the decision to discontinue this product. It is expected that few patients will be currently using this device.

NovoNordisk, the manufacturer of the device are providing information about possible alternative devices on their medical information team on 0845 600 5055. The NovoPen 3 appears to be a suitable alternative to the Innovo especially if the intention is to maintain the provision of insulin therapy through 3ml cartridges.

Action: Clinicians should be aware of the discontinuation and work to identify patients using the Innovo device.

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16 Comments to “Innovo Insulin Pen Discontinued”

  1. My final Innovo has expired. When it was discontinued my diabetes nurse gave me her last two pens, as she knew I liked them. There appears to be no equivalent device, which is beyond belief. There is clearly a resistance to development in pen design. I will try to dismantle one of my older dead Innovos and see how I get on. Soldering a new battery in is pretty straightforward, but gaining access without damaging the plastic body will be the problem I expect. we shall see!

    Comment by Martin Clarke — April 24, 2010 #

  2. I found it a great appliance and have had it for some years. The battery is going flat. Can I put a battery in it.

    If not can you advise of the latest instruement you have

    Comment by john willey — November 29, 2009 #

    1. John,

      From the information I have I understand that the battery is not replaceable as it is welded or soldered into the device. For an alternative that will suit your needs you are better speaking to your diabetes nurse or doctor.

      Comment by Matthew Robinson — December 2, 2009 #

  3. My innovo battery has finally given up the ghost. It might be possible to open the device and re-assemble it without breaking any of the delicate plastic parts. The single CR1616 battery appears to be spot-welded in 4 places to two metal strips, which are then soldered into the device.

    They say not to tamper with the Innovo device, so if you need a pen with memory, look for something called "HumaPen Memoir". Unfortunately, no products from Novo Nordisk will work with it except for their needles, but the good people at Ely Lilly have insulin cartridges that will fit. It also remembers the date, time, and amount of the last 16 uses.

    I guess they have a different way of maintaining customer loyalty in Denmark.

    Comment by Colin Pye — September 19, 2009 #

  4. I am very disappointed in the Innovo pen being discontinued.
    In Holland zijn ze ook gestopt met de levering van deze geweldige pen.
    Zelf de batterij vervangen is het enige alternatief. Please have a rethink its too good to disappear.

    Comment by Ger van Esch — January 22, 2009 #

  5. over the last 10ys I have used the innovo pen for most of them. My last innovo has just failed me and I had hoped by this time that a similiar alternative would be available. None of the ones recommended come anywhere near as handy or as helpful. In my 60s,and with memory not as good as it was, it told me what I had taken and when. What was the real reason for it to be discontinued? It is a brilliant idea. Please have a rethink its too good to disappear.

    Comment by joan wrighton — January 10, 2009 #

  6. My last pen has just expired after 7 years of very practicle use. The alternative is a flimsy pen which does not fit into trouser pocket easily
    After contacting Novo they suggest putting it a bag for ease of transport. (THAT would be a man bag would it!!!) I now intend to search various websites to check availability worldwide

    Comment by Simon Cross — October 16, 2008 #

  7. I am more then disappointed the Innovo pen being discontinued. Having used it for many many years, the size, the displaywas just perfect. I also learnt last year, that the InDuo matching blodd meter was also discontinued, which was also very disappointing. Does anybody actually listen to waht we think or even want ???

    Comment by Frank Steinheimer — July 23, 2008 #

  8. I am very disappointed in the Innovo pen being discontinued.
    It's simple to use, discreet and small. It was also good in letting you know that you have taken your insulin and how long ago.
    I never had any problems with this pen and am outraged at the decision to discontinue one of the best pens on the market!!

    Comment by Cate — July 22, 2008 #

  9. very disappointed that Novo have discontinued such an innovative and useful device. I have used them for the last 5 years, my last one has just 'died' the battery has expired. I am mortified at now having to go back to using a Novo Pen 3 which is clumsy and most indiscrete if used in a public place like a restaurant. The Innovo device easily fits in a trouser pocket and can be quickly and discreetly used anywhere.

    I do hope that they re-think this ludicrous decision!

    Comment by John Graham — July 21, 2008 #

  10. The reason I still want the discontinued pen:
    1. EASY to refill
    b.New novo 3 is difficult for my hands/complicated as well
    2. The digital indicator let me KNOW when to take the next injection.

    For me, the change was a VERY BAD idea!!!

    Comment by Becky Blakley — May 11, 2008 #

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