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PPI Price Update

The Drug Tariff for April 2006 has updated the price of Omeprazole, a Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI).

As previously reported, Lansoprazole is now generic and there was a favourable cost difference when compared to other PPIs, including omeprazole. This difference caused issues in areas where PPI switches from lansoprazole to omeprazole had recently occurred. Caution was suggested in changing these patients back to lansoprazole.

The April prices for Omeprazole have been reduced and the Lansoprazole prices remain unchanged. As such, the cost difference is not as much of a concern.

Current PPI Prices are as follows:

Action: Lansoprazole is the PPI of choice and Omeprazole is an obvious second choice. There is no reason to switch between these therapies on the basis of cost alone.