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MeReC Extra 22

The National Prescribing Centre has published a new issue of MeReC Extra.

This issue covers:

  • ASTEROID Study
  • Developments for MeReC
  • CHARISMA Study
  • NRT in Pregnancy

ASTEROID and CHARISMA are studies relating to two cardiovascular drugs, both studies have already been covered on this site.

MeReC developments include the introduction of support materials with MeReC Bulletins, new MeReC Rapid Reviews to be made available shortly after new findings are published and greater use of electronic distribution.

Use of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) in pregnancy has recently been a cause for concern following the results of an observational study. The section highlights the flaws in the study and suggests that where pregnant smokers should be encouraged to quit without using NRT. However, it is also concludes that the results of the study do not mean that pregnant smokers are better off smoking than using NRT.

Action: Clinicians who are involved in treating cardiovascular disease or who offer smoking cessation advice will find this MeReC Extra of value. A useful update on the development plans affecting MeReC is also provided.

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