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Ventodisks Discontinued

Ventodisks® are to be discontinued with effect from the end of September 2006 according to a letter sent by the manufacturers to healthcare professionals.

Ventodisks are foil disks containing eight blisters of salbutamol in either 200 microgram or 400 microgram strengths.

According to the letter the main reason for the choice to discontinue the product is increased demand for the antiviral zanamivir. These two products are made using the same expertise and equipment and the decision has been made to divert manufacturing capacity from ventodisks to zanamivir.

Action: This product is not widely used. Patients should be identified and provided with the opportunity to discuss alternative treatment options.

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17 Comments to “Ventodisks Discontinued”

  1. Ventodisk and now BECODISC, both have kept me clear and stable from asthma for 35years. Alternatives have left me sensitive to asthma if I get a cold or respiratory infection. Where is the care???? When the Consultant gets it right to keep you free, why do the drug companies have to change it. Why are the Doctors not making a challenge, surely it is in their interst to keep their patients well. I was given a different type of inhaler to replace the disc, it gives less of the amount and if you double it it gives you too much!!!!

    Comment by Barbara foote — January 19, 2013 #

  2. [...] Becodisks® has announced that this product will be discontinued in 2012. Ventodisks® were discontinued in [...]

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  3. Back in Dec. of 2000 I started a box of 15 Ventodisks and barely got through any of them when my asthma disappeared. In recent months I have needed to return to treatment for my asthma and I am relieved that I can find immediate relief with the Ventodisk. I kept the medication for the odd occasion I needed relief but as you may expect,it has expired; in January of 2002. Eight years later it is still giving me relief (though it is less potent) unlike the usual inhaler, which I also have.

    Comment by Heidi Pammer — January 25, 2010 #

  4. @Mary,

    It may not be entirely clear from the article above but the decision to stop making Ventodisks was made entirely by the drug maker. The NHS is as much a victim of that decision as individual patients.

    In response to being able to buy over the internet I'd recommend you ensure that they have stock and are a reputable supplier before parting with your money. This notification that the product was being discontinued is now almost 4 years old so I suspect any remaining stick (if there is any) will be rapidly approaching its 'use by date'.

    Comment by Matthew Robinson — January 23, 2010 #

  5. Just an observation I notice that Ventodisks are still available with a private prescription via the internet for around £9. If they are still being produced why can't we have them on the NHS?

    Comment by Mary — January 23, 2010 #

    1. I have tried to get these on line from Wal-Mart but they don't accept my UK address. If you know of a website that will supply here in the UK please let us ALL know!!!

      Comment by Pamela — February 25, 2013 #

  6. I, like your previous users, only kept the Ventodisks to use in an emergency. They were quick and effective. I have always found that NO ONE listens to asthma sufferers, not even the Practice asthma nurses. Sadly money and the points awarded by the drug companies to the medical practises, are the only thing that counts and many medical people are unfortunately obstinate and do not know what it is like to not be able to breathe. Why oh why do they not listen to what helps US and makes our lives easier.

    Comment by Mary Lanfear — January 23, 2010 #

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