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Inhaled Insulin Launched

Inhaled Insulin (Exubera®) has been launched and is now available in the UK.

The Summary of Product Characteristics contains additional information relating to use of the product. For example, it should be used 10 minutes before a meal due to the rapid onset of action. There are also recommendations that the inhaler device is replaced annually and the Insulin Release Unit is replaced every two weeks.

The National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence are expected to issue guidance on Inhaled Insulin in November 2005.

The current consultation document suggests inhaled insulin is an option in Type I and II Diabetes when HbA1c is 9% or greater despite other therapeutic interventions and who are unable to use injectable insulin because of psychiatrist or psychologist confirmed needle phobia or severe persistent problems with injection sites.

Action: Inhaled Insulin is currently a secondary care product. It should not be initiated in primary care at this time.

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