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Insulin Discontinuations

The manufacturer of Mixtard® and Velosulin® has announced that several products in the range are to be discontinued and will not be available after 31st December 2007.

The affected products are:

  • Mixtard® 10 3ml penfil
  • Mixtard® 20 3ml penfil
  • Mixtard® 40 3ml penfil
  • Mixtard® 50 3ml penfil
  • Velosulin® 10ml vial

These products are not available in an alternative dosage form and patients will therefore need to be reviewed before alternative products are selected and prescribed. Assistance is available in the United Kingdom from the Medical Information and Customer Care Team on 0845 600 5055 or online [Registration Required].

Action: Patients who are currently using the affected products should be identified as soon as possible to ensure a smooth transition to an alternative insulin therapy.

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