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Counterfeit Test Strips

The manufacturer of OneTouch® test strips has written to healthcare professionals following the discovery of counterfeit testing strips in the USA, India, Dubai and Greece. OneTouch® and OneTouch® Ultra are affected but other products in the range are not involved.

There have been no reported cases of counterfeit product on the market in the UK. The counterfeit strips have been found to produce inaccurate readings. Patients may be harmed if treatment is altered based upon these inaccurate readings.

Patients in the UK may be aware of this issue however as the international website contains a press release with additional information for users and suppliers.

The manufacturer is working with UK regulatory bodies to prevent counterfeit products from entering the UK supply chain however patients may still be concerned about the authenticity of their testing strips.

Action: Clinicians should be aware of the risk posed by these counterfeit strips. Patients can be reassured that the UK supply chain is currently unaffected.

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