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MTRAC Reviews

The Midlands Therapeutic Review and Advisory Committee (MTRAC) has published reviews covering ibandronate (Bonviva®) and rimonobant (Acomplia®).

Both drugs have been assessed as being "Q4" drugs. This means they have weaker evidence than alternative treatment options and therefore have a lower place in therapy.

MTRAC also makes recommendations on the suitability of the drug for use in Primary Care. Ibandronate is "suitable for prescribing in primary care" but is expected to be secondary to other bisphosphonates. Rimonobant is "suitable for restricted prescribing under defined conditions" but should not be used in patients with psychiatric illness such as depression or in combination with antidepressants.

Action: As already suggested, both ibandronate and rimonobant have a limited place in primary care where current treatment options are unsuitable or have failed. Patients should be made fully aware of the pros and cons of these drugs before treatment is started.

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