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Nystatin pastilles discontinued

Nystatin pastilles (Nystan®) have been discontinued for commercial reasons.

This product has been out of stock recently and supplies are already difficult to source.

Alternative products include:

  • Nystatin Oral Suspension
  • Amphotericin Lozenges
  • Miconazole Oral Gel

Action: Clinicians should make an early switch to alternative treatments to ensure that there are no delays to treatment initiation.

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12 Comments to “Nystatin pastilles discontinued”

  1. Still desperate for nystan ointment and nystatin oral!!!

    Comment by Jan — February 2, 2018 #

    1. @Jan,

      Nystatin oral suspension is still made and available.

      It is available in ointments but only with other ingredients included.

      Comment by Matthew Robinson — February 7, 2018 #

  2. This treatment (as far as adults see concerned) actually worked! The suspension is useless for someone like myself who suffers from dry mouth constantly!

    Comment by Susan Smyth — November 16, 2017 #

  3. This is one treatment that worked, so annoying when it's taken off medical reason or whatever.

    Comment by Shahara Haque — January 16, 2017 #

  4. It's almost impossible to keep the Nystatin suspension on the tongue for the recommended period. Sucking a lozenge would be so much easier.

    Comment by Gingernut — March 4, 2015 #

  5. It is time that candida or thrush in the gut and throat is real and they should bring back the nystatin pastiles

    Comment by Margaret Renshaw — August 28, 2012 #

  6. Please bring back nystatin oral pastilles. They were the only effective treatment for gut infections

    Comment by Annette Edgar — April 2, 2011 #

    1. I know this comment was several years ago, have you found an answer to yeast in your gut?
      I deal with the same issue.

      Comment by Seagirl — January 16, 2016 #

  7. @Vonnie,

    As stated above the manufacturer withdrew the product for 'commercial reasons'.

    Comment by Matthew Robinson — October 28, 2010 #

  8. None of the above mentioned suspensions ( including Nystatin ) are any where near as effective as Nystatin Pastilles in controlling oral Thrush. Why were the pastilles withdrawn?

    Comment by Vonnie Pearce — October 27, 2010 #

  9. Not true, amphoteracin, ketoconazole, miconazole and nystatin suspension are all licensed to treat gastrointestinal fungal infections.

    Comment by Matthew Robinson — August 23, 2008 #

  10. There is no alternative to Nystatin pills to treat fungus in the gut. Millions of users are left without alternative.

    Comment by Cderoude — August 23, 2008 #

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