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Academic Detailing for prescribing advisers

The Regional Drug & Therapeutics Centre has launched a new series of publications under the topic heading of Academic Detailing.

Academic detailing is a practice often used in the promotion of medicines by the pharmaceutical industry; it involves a face-to-face discussion about a particular disease or drug related topic.

The Regional Drug & Therapeutics Centre list three papers that provide an evidence base for this approach and more information about applying this technique during practice visits and clinical meetings.

Finally, and perhaps most helpfully, access is given to some detail aids (currently six) that provide a brief summary of the evidence and key messages in a particular clinical area. These aids can be used during face-to-face meetings to steer the conversation and ensure that key messages are delivered to front line clinicians.

The currently available detail aids cover the following topics:

Action: Prescribing advisers who undertake practice visits will find these detail aids invaluable. Clinicians will also find them useful as an evidence summary.