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Competencies for shared decision making

The National Prescribing Centre has published a competency framework for shared decision-making with patients. This document is intended support healthcare professionals in their consultations with patients to ensure that patients can make informed decisions about their health.

This document summarises the shared decision-making process into three distinct areas each of which has further competency considerations as detailed below:

  • Building a relationship - Listening and Communicating
  • Managing a shared consultation - Context and Knowledge
  • Sharing a decision - Understanding, Exploring, Deciding and Monitoring

The document then goes on to discuss the key skills and behaviours required for each competency, for example clinicians should make patients feel at ease, allow then to express their views and concerns and give the opportunity to ask questions while listening.

Action: All clinicians, but especially those who are new to the consultation or concordance process, will find this document to be a useful resource. It will allow individuals to reflect upon their own consultation skills and identify areas that can be improved.

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