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NICE to face judicial review

The two manufacturers of donepezil are taking the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) to court after the recently published and controversial guidance on Alzheimer's drugs according to the BBC.

This particular guidance is a Technology Appraisal, NICE detail on their website that the process involves consideration of two factors:

  1. Clinical evidence - measuring how well the medicine or treatment works
  2. Economic evidence - measuring how well the medicine or treatment works in relation to how much it costs the NHS - does it represent value for money?

This judicial review may reveal more details of the calculations used by NICE to derive an indication of efficacy and value for money however the full guidance reveals the full detail the process with examination and interpretation of the evidence covering some 40 pages!

This action has the unfortunate consequence of diverting resources including staff time and money away from generating guidance for the benefit of the NHS. A speedy resolution would be of greatest benefit to the NHS.

Action: Clinicians who prescribe treatments for Alzheimer's disease should continue to implement the current guidance until the outcome of this review is completed.