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Dermovate NN discontinued

According to the National Electronic Library for Medicines, the manufacturer of Dermovate NN® has announced that this product will be discontinued due to raw material supply and manufacturing issues.

PRODIGY Guidance on Eczema on the new Clinical Knowledge Summaries website advises that oral antibiotics are used for visibly infected eczema (even in localized flare-ups).

The National Prescribing Centre has also produced a reference sheet on skin therapeutics. This document refers to a Drugs and Therapeutics Bulletin from 2003 advising that topical steroids with antimicrobials have no clinical advantage over topical steroids alone and may cause contact allergy and resistance.

Action: Clinicians should be aware of the discontinuation of this product but also of the wider advice to avoid using topical antimicrobials.

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5 Comments to “Dermovate NN discontinued”

  1. Can't believe this has been discontinued. Nothing else works for me, don't know what to do.

    Comment by Joanne — December 10, 2021 #

  2. Dermovate NN was brilliant. I have major skin issues and this is the only cream that worked. My doctor is issuing the normal creams which don't work, my hands are a total mess.
    Can I get Dermovate NN from anywhere im really desperate and dont mind paying for it.

    Please Advise, is their anything that is as good as it, I need help!

    Comment by Chris Hayes — June 23, 2013 #

    1. @Chris,

      You could look at alternatives with your doctor and consider trying Trimovate, Betnovate-N or Betnovate-C.

      Comment by Matthew Robinson — June 23, 2013 #

    2. You can now buy Dermovate NN cream from the online clinic Harley Street. It is 8 years on I know, but I can remember how good a product this was when I needed it for myself. Did you manage to find a replacement over the years.
      Regards Geoff

      Comment by Geoff — August 8, 2021 #

      1. @Geoff,

        It seems that after the Dermovate NN brand was discontinue a few generics manufacturers have filled the void in the marketplace with their equivalent versions.

        Comment by Matthew Robinson — August 8, 2021 #

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