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NPC reveal NPCi plans

The National Prescribing Centre has revealed plans to launch NPCi, an eLearning environment to support therapeutics and medicines management at a local level.

The interface for NPCi will take the form of a virtual building with each floor offering access to a large variety of learning materials. The content will include therapeutic (cardiovascular, central nervous system, pain management) and medicines management topics (patient safety and risk, patients and their medicines, developing people and organisations) with educational materials available in several forms including quizzes, data-focussed commentaries, slides, case studies, patient decision aids and recorded workshops.

In addition to this there will also be discussion forums, a notice board for hot topics and a library for access existing NPC materials like MeReC and New Medicines.

Action: Clinicians should be aware of the imminent launch of this resource; more details will be made available soon!