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WHO patient safety solutions

The World Health Organisation has launched nine patient safety solutions aimed at reducing health care-related harm.

The National Patient Safety Agency was involved in the development of these solutions and has already issued guidance covering some topics.

The nine areas identified are:

  • Look-alike, sound-alike medication names
  • Patient identification
  • Communication during patient hand-over
  • Performance of correct procedure at correct body site
  • Control of concentrated electrolyte solutions
  • Assuring medication accuracy at transitions in care
  • Avoiding catheter and tubing misconnections
  • Single use of injection devices
  • Improved hand hygiene to prevent health care-associated infection

Each topic area is discussed in an individual patient safety solution document that provides a summary of the issue and identifies actions to reduce the risk of harm.

Action: Clinicians should consider which of these topic areas are relevant to their working activities and ensure that appropriate measures are being taken to reduce the potential for harm.

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