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Alzheimer's review completed

The expected High Court Judicial Review of the Alzheimer's drugs guidance produced by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) is complete. The BBC and PharmaTimes have reported the findings of the review.

A press release (PDF) on the NICE reveals that the guidance was supported in five of the six areas that were challenged.

The rulings in the six areas were as follows:

  • Benefits to carers were considered
  • Long term care costs were accurately calculated
  • Procedural fairness was not breached by providing a 'read-only' economic model
  • Concluding that there is no cumulative benefit after six months treatment was not irrational
  • Consideration of the AD 2000 study was not irrational
  • NICE failed in its duties by not offering guidance specific to certain patient groups, namely those with learning difficulties or whose first language is not English

NICE has been asked to clarify the guidance within 28 days in respect of ensuring equal access for people with learning difficulties or whose first language is not English. NICE have undertaken to comply fully with this ruling.

Action: Clinicians who prescribe treatments for Alzheimer's disease can now feel confident in fully implementing the current NICE guidance.

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