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MeReC Extra 29

The National Prescribing Centre (NPC) has published MeReC Extra 29 (PDF). It covers the cardiovascular risks of rosiglitazone and discusses some recent favourable evidence to support the use of patient decision aids.

The review of rosiglitazone details the latest evidence and advice from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). The continued advice is to review the continued risks and benefits of treatment with rosiglitazone at the patient's next routine appointment.

The discussion of patient decision aids (PDA) covers recent evidence that PDAs may aid adherence to treatment. A Cochrane review also found that knowledge is improved, expectations are more realistic and more people are able to make a decision when PDAs are used. It is also noted the PDAs will be available on the forthcoming NPCi website.

Action: Clinicians will find this MeReC Extra to be useful and informative. It is of the usual high standard expected from the NPC.