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Coversyl and Coversyl Plus discontinued

Coversyl® and Coversyl Plus® are being discontinued and replaced by Coversyl Arginine® and Coversyl Arginine Plus® according to the manufacturer.

This decision has been taken to allow for "the global simplification and harmonisation of the manufacturing process for perindopril". The new products also benefit from a longer shelf life. This discontinuation only applies to the branded products and should not impact upon generic perindopril. Patients prescribed branded perindopril or the combination product will need to have their treatment reviewed and amended.

A phased change over period is expected due to the overlap of both products in the supply chain; the new product will be distributed from 1st April 2008 with supplies of the existing product expected to last for about 8 weeks. The licensed indications for the new products are identical to those being discontinued.

Coversyl Arginine is not dose equivalent to the existing perindopril products; conversion details are as follows:

  • Perindopril 2mg is equivalent to perindopril arginine 2.5mg
  • Perindopril 4mg is equivalent to perindopril arginine 5mg
  • Perindopril 8mg is equivalent to perindopril arginine 10mg

Action: Clinicians should be aware of this discontinuation. Patients who are currently prescribed branded Coversyl or Coversyl Plus will need to be reviewed and have their prescriptions altered.

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5 Comments to “Coversyl and Coversyl Plus discontinued”

  1. As advised in the comments above, generic perindopril is not affected. The generic combination and both branded products will be affected.

    The options are to change to generics by splitting the formulation into the 2 components if needed to move patients to the new branded product.

    Comment by Matthew Robinson — April 4, 2008 #

  2. There is no generic combination product available.

    Comment by Sally Porter — April 2, 2008 #

  3. I understand that this will not affect generic perindopril alone, but I am confused about the combination product - is it just people prescribed coversyl plus who need to change, or do people prescribed perindopril/indapamide generically need to change too. Is there a generic combination product available?

    Comment by Hazel — April 2, 2008 #

  4. The patent has already expired. I suspect they were hoping to launch this and switch everyone before generic Perindopril arrived. As it is, it's a bit of a lame duck-I dispense no Coversyl now and very little Coversyl Plus

    Comment by MrHunnybun — April 2, 2008 #

  5. Would it be cynical to ask when the patent on perinopril is going to expire?

    Comment by K — April 2, 2008 #

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