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HPV vaccine announced

The Department of Health has announced that the national contract for human papillomavirus vaccine (HPV) has gone to Cervarix®. This announcement has also been reported in the general media (BBC, The Times).

As previously noted, Gardasil® has a wider range of licensed indications based on the current Summaries of Product Characteristics (Cervarix and Gardasil). In addition to the wider range of indications, Gardasil is also licensed in a wider age group and for both genders.

The official announcement notes that the decision was based on a wide range of criteria such as their scientific qualities and cost effectiveness but that the price remains commercially confidential. At a time when the NHS has a significant cash surplus it must be hoped that, for reasons of transparency, the rationale for choosing what appears to be an inferior vaccine are made public.

Action: Clinicians need to be aware of the national HPV vaccination programme and the chosen vaccine.

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4 Comments to “HPV vaccine announced”

  1. [...] Department of Health recently announced that the national programme contract had been awarded to Cervarix® with details of the price [...]

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  2. B Hart,

    The contract has gone to Cervarix. The article above illustrates that Gardasil appears to be a superior vaccine and therefore questions the choice of vaccine.

    The Terence Higgins Trust and fpa have also questioned the choice of vaccine!

    Comment by Matthew Robinson — June 30, 2008 #

  3. Am I reading this wrong or is there a mistake regarding which vaccine has been given the contract. The article states Cervarix has been given the contract and then goes on to point out the advantages of gardasil. Please could you confirm which vaccine has been given the contract.

    Comment by B Hart — June 30, 2008 #

  4. [...] a su población. La noticia es realmente sorprendente, ya que como comenta se comenta el blog Prescribing Advice for GPs Gardasil presenta un mayor espectro de indicaciones aprobadas que Cervarix, es decir, además de [...]

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