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QRISK2 CV risk predictor

QResearch have made the QRISK2 risk calculator available online after the British Medical Journal published a prospective validation of the tool.

This cardiovascular risk prediction tool is an improvement over a modified Framingham score based on the validation sample used. Perhaps this is due to the tool incorporating ethnicity, deprivation and a wider range of clinical conditions into the prediction model.

The authors of the paper conclude that, "QRISK2 is likely to be a more efficient and equitable tool for treatment decisions for the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease".

The National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) recently published guidance on Lipid Modification recommended using Framingham risk scores but noted several limitations including excluded patient groups and corrections to ensure accuracy in a European population.

Action: Clinicians should consider which risk prediction tool to use in clinical practice. Accuracy, reliability and ease of use should all be considered.

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