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Seeding trials are real

The Annals of Internal Medicine has published a review of internal documents that were made public during legal proceedings that confirm the existence of seeding trials.

It has been suspected for some time that drug companies entice some clinicians into prescribing drugs that are new to the market by designing clinical study protocols.

This review examined several internal documents related to the ADVANTAGE study that compared rofecoxib to naproxen in terms of gastrointestinal safety and tolerability in patients with osteoarthritis. These documents reveal that the marketing division were involved in the design, analysis and publication of this study.

Action: This review confirms the existence of seeding trials. Clinicians who are involved in clinical research should ensure that they only participate in studies that answer clinically valid and necessary questions. Any suspicion that the study is a marketing exercise should immediately discourage participation.

Thanks to Kevin Ashworth for spotting this review.