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Medical Exemption certificates for cancer patients

As announced last year, prescription charges will be waived for cancer patients from 1st April 2009.

The new exemption category will be added to the existing Medical Exemption Certificate application form (FP92a). New forms will be distributed in February and all old style forms should be destroyed. The new exemption covers people undergoing treatment for cancer, including the effects of cancer or the effects of current or previous cancer treatment.

New forms can be submitted from the 9th February. Those submitted before 24th March will have certificates processed in time for the new exemption start date. Forms received after the 24th March will be processed in normal time frames.

The BBC has published an article today in which the Public Health Minister has encouraged patients to make an appointment with their doctor in order to obtain a certificate. This recommendation is perhaps a little premature and an appointment with a doctor may be unnecessary in order to obtain the certificate.

Action: Clinicians should be aware of this new medical exemption category. Systems should be put into place to manage demand and process new applications.

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7 Comments to “Medical Exemption certificates for cancer patients”

  1. My wife has pancreas and liver cancer diagnosed in July 18. Doctor informed and I am attending Apollo hospital from July 18 13 times for chemotherapy to be done but no relief from pain & vomiting. Please advise me I can take other treatment.

    Comment by Radhey Shyam sharma — December 25, 2018 #

    1. @Radhey,

      There are certainly other medicines that can relieve pain and nausea during chemotherapy - you need to ask your doctors.

      Comment by Matthew Robinson — December 26, 2018 #

  2. My mum has had cancer of the bladder and every 6 months she has to go back to the hospital to have it burnt off does she qualify for exemption

    Comment by hannah — March 24, 2013 #

    1. @Hannah,

      Having a procedure every six months would fit the "undergoing treatment for cancer" criteria as far as I would interpret it. Ask her GP to fill out a form for her.

      Comment by Matthew Robinson — March 24, 2013 #

  3. [...] the 1st April 2009 patients on active cancer treatments have qualified for a medical exemption certificate. Current [...]

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  4. Where can i get this exemption form as even my G.P
    doesnt seen to know anything about it.

    I know the form is (FO92a)

    Comment by Alan — March 17, 2009 #

    1. Alan,

      Your GP surgery is the best place for these forms. You may however be better asking a member of the reception staff rather than your doctor as they will be more likely to be the people ordering and processing the forms.

      Comment by Matthew Robinson — March 17, 2009 #

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