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Parental advice for children's ear infections

Deafness Research UK has published a leaflet that aims to give parents practical tips and guidance on ear infections and glue ear in children.

According to the BBC, the charity are concerned that overuse of antibiotics is not treating the root cause of recurrent ear infections. In the long term this can result in problems with speech development and perhaps hearing loss.

The leaflet aims to improve knowledge among parents about what to do if their child has recurring or persistent ear problems. This includes advice that antibiotics only help a small proportion of children with ear infections despite the commonly held belief that antibiotics offer a cure.

Orders for up to 10 leaflets are free (but donations are welcome) with order for more incurring a nominal charge to cover production and postal costs.

Action: Clinicians may find this leaflet useful when discussing treatment options for recurrent childhood ear infections with parents.

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