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Beclazone Easi-Breathe to be discontinued

The manufacturer of Beclazone Easi-Breathe® (Beclometasone in a breath-actuated aerosol inhaler) has written to healthcare professionals to advise that, with effect from 30th September 2009 all strengths of these inhalers will cease to be supplied and is therefore effectively discontinued.

This step is being taken in line with existing agreements to discontinue CFC containing products in 2010. The products affected are the 50 microgram, 100 microgram and 250 microgram breath-actuated inhalers. The standard pressurised metered dose inhalers (pMDI) Beclazone will remain available until the first quarter of 2010.

There is no direct replacement for this product and patients will require a change of dose, device or steroid in order to continue treatment.

A similar device is available with the Qvar® inhaler but this drug has a smaller particle size and the dose will need reducing. There are also beclometasone containing alternatives available in different devices such as standard pMDIs or dry powder inhalers. Another option would involve changing the active ingredient to an alternative steroid such as budesonide or fluticasone.

Action: Clinicians should review affected patients and discuss the available alternatives with patients. Changing the fewest parameters (dose, device or drug) would seem prudent in order to retain patient confidence in their treatment.