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Tafluprost launched

Tafluprost unit dose eye drops (Saflutan®) have been launched for the treatment of raised intraocular pressure in open angle glaucoma and ocular hypertension. These are the first prostaglandin analogue eye drops to be made available in a preservative free formulation. The summary of product characteristics is now available online.

This product may offer an advantage in patients who would benefit from treatment with a prostaglandin analogue but who are allergic to preservatives however it is more expensive than existing options, subject to more intensive monitoring for safety reasons and it is not currently available in combination with other ocular antihypertensive agents. (Prices below from BNF57 and manufacturer communication).

  • Tafluprost 30 x 0.3ml unit dose containers - £17.41
  • Latanoprost 2.5ml eye drops - £13.14
  • Bimatoprost 3ml eye drops - £11.46
  • Travoprost 2.5ml eye drops - £10.50

Action: Clinicians should be aware of this new product. The potential advantage of a preservative free formulation should be balanced against the risks of using a less well established product.

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