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Swine Flu Vaccination Tools

The Department of Health (DH) has written to doctors, nurses and pharmacists working in primary care to provide information about the Swine Flu Vaccination Programme. Information materials are now available on the DH website to support the programme.

The materials comprise information materials, training tools and data issues including:

  • Template GP letters
  • Template consent forms
  • A template patient group direction
  • Slide set for training staff who will conduct vaccinations
  • Recommended Read Codes

In addition, readers are directed to the online Green Book and are reminded of the recommended vaccination schedule for Pandemrix®.

  • Children aged 6 months to 10 years - two half doses (0.25ml) with at least 3 weeks between doses
  • Individuals aged 10 years to 60 years - one dose (0.5ml)
  • Individuals aged over 60 years - one dose (0.5ml) although this may be revised
  • Immunocompromised individuals aged over 10 years - two doses (0.5ml)

Action: Clinicians should be aware of this information portal and utilise these materials if appropriate.

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