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Benzodiazepine Converter

A few years ago I wrote a spreadsheet application that calculates conversion and reduction schedules for patients reducing and stopping treatment with benzodiazepines. Recently, I started using it again and added some more options to the old version. I also wondered if this same converter could be moved to an internet environment.

The Benzodiazepine Converter is now linked in the menus above. It can transfer daily doses for a number of benzodiazepines into a daily equivalent of diazepam and produce a dose reduction schedule based on 7 or 14 days prescription intervals. I have also made the original Excel version available for stand alone use.

Disclaimer: The reduction schedules should be checked before treatment is changed and reductions should be supervised by a healthcare professional.

Action: Clinicians who supervise managed withdrawal of benzodiazepines may find these resources helpful.