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Smoking Quit Kit

The Department of Health has announced the availability of the NHS Stop Smoking Quit Kit. Designed by smoking cessation experts and smokers the kit contains tools that are scientifically proven to help reduce cravings or have been developed in response to smokers’ needs.

When asked what would help them to quit:

  • More than half (54%) of smokers wanted help to manage cravings
  • One third of smokers wanted tools and advice to strengthen willpower
  • Nearly a third (32%) simply want something to do with their hands
  • Nicotine gum and patches were the most popular aids to quitting, with 42% of smokers planning on using a Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) such as gum or patches this new year

The Quit Kit can be order online or by calling 0800 0 665 826 and includes the following:

  • A "train to win" willpower assessor helping quitters to identify smoking triggers and providing tips on how to avoid them
  • Two MP3 downloads that are scientifically proven to reduce cravings
  • A "tangle" – a new stress relieving distraction tool for the hands, to help manage cravings
  • A toothbrush – to remind quitters of the benefits of fresher breath and so they can see the difference when they brush (smokers get a yellow residue on their toothbrush)
  • A health/wealth wheel to work out how much money quitters can save and the immediate health benefits of quitting smoking
  • An A3 “Quit plan” wall chart so that quitters can mark their progress over 28 days and stay focused
  • Details of smokers’ local NHS Stop Smoking Services, where they can access NRT and stop smoking medicines, and tailored support – either through one to one or group sessions

Action: Clinicians should be aware of this kit especially when the New Year is traditionally a time that motivates individuals to make changes.

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2 Comments to “Smoking Quit Kit”

  1. In the UK you will find this information online at http://smokefree.nhs.uk/.

    Comment by Matthew Robinson — January 2, 2010 #

  2. How do I find agencies and organizations that help people quit smoking?

    Comment by cigarrest — January 1, 2010 #

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