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Sinemet in short supply

The manufacturer of Sinemet® and Sinemet CR® has written to healthcare professionals advising of a global supply shortage of these products. Pharmacies have also been made aware of this situation.

The letter indicates that the shortage is as a consequence of a change in the source of supply of levodopa, one of the active ingredients in the product. Generic versions are available as equivalents for most of the branded product line. Clinicians are advised to monitor efficacy and tolerability after changing to generics in the modified release products since the release profile may be different.

The affected products are:

  • Sinemet® 62.5 tablets (No generic equivalent)
  • Sinemet® 110 tablets (Generic equivalents available)
  • Sinemet® Plus tablets (Generic equivalents available)
  • Sinemet® 275 tablets (Generic equivalents available)
  • Sinemet® CR 50/200mg tablets (Generic equivalents available)
  • Half Sinemet® CR 25/100mg tablets (Generic equivalents available)

Action: Clinicians should be aware of this global shortage and of the additional monitoring that may be necessary when changing to generic version of the modified release product.

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