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1,000 post milestone

I've just reached a significant milestone. The last post was number 1,000!

So that's 1,000 healthcare and medicines related posts in about 5 and a half years.

And while I'm reporting such figures there are

- over 500 comments from
- nearly 45,000 unique visitors
- from at least 156 countries in all corners of the world
- and over 10,000 spam comments

Unsurprisingly, Google provided the most search engine referrals (over 30,000 in 2010) to the site with Yahoo! in second place but a massive margin. But most visitors (over 90%) come straight here!

When I started this blog I really had no plans or expectations of where it might lead so I had no idea that I would end up here.

There are two things that give me immense satisfaction from running this site though.

The first is that the National Prescribing Centre incorporated a blog into their interactive site based on the success this site.

The second is the occasional feedback I get from readers telling me that what I write is useful to them and is helping them in their work.

So, if you like what I do here post me a comment below and to use the words of Frankie Howerd, "If you've enjoyed it, tell your friends!".