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BNF 61

The 61st Edition of the British National Formulary has been published and it is expected that it will soon be distributed within the NHS.

New or revised content in this version includes updated advice regarding:

  • Management of stroke
  • Antiepileptic medication in pregnancy
  • Rosiglitazone withdrawal
  • Drug interactions with combined hormonal contraceptives
  • Cautionary and advisory labels
  • Reorganisation of the Substance misuse section
  • New look for table summarising antibacterial therapy
  • Combined oral contraceptives tabulated

The web version has already been updated and printed version is available for purchase.

Action: All clinicians should start using BNF 61 as soon as the print version arrives. The web version can be used to access the latest information if necessary.

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3 Comments to “BNF 61”

  1. Online I see:

    "Depression, adult over 18 years, initially 75 mg daily in 2 divided doses increased if necessary at intervals of at least 2 weeks; max. 375 mg daily"

    But in my copy of BNF 61 I see:

    "Depression, adult over 18 years, initially 75mg daily in 2 divided doses increased if necessary after at least 3-4 weeks to 150mg daily in 2 divided doses; severely depressed or hospitalised patients increased further if necessary in steps of up to 75mg every 2-3 days; max. 375mg daily"

    And I thought there was something about max. 300mg in primary care in older versions but I could be wrong (having thrown out my old copies of the BNF like a good boy!)

    Comment by pj — March 17, 2011 #

  2. @pj,

    I can't see any change between BNF 60 and BNF 61.

    Some of the monitoring advice for venlafaxine comes from the NICE Depression guideline and some from the SPC for the product.

    Comment by Matthew Robinson — March 17, 2011 #

  3. I haven't got a copy of BNF 61 yet but using the online version it seems that the previous advice re: venlafaxine doses over 300mg has been removed, is this right? Because I couldn't see anything about that in the changes notes and wondered why it might be.

    Comment by pj — March 16, 2011 #

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