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BNF for Children 2011-2012

The British National Formulary for Children 2011-2012 has been updated, published and made available online.

Hard copies can be ordered from the publishers however many NHS staff will receive a free hard copy through usual channels and can also access the online version.

Update prescribing information in this revision include:

  • The addition of symbols indicated the schedule for all controlled drugs throughout the BNFC
  • Updated guidance on the use of antiepileptic medication in pregnancy
  • Updated guidance on the pre-hospital management of bacterial meningitis
  • Updated guidance on the treatment of HIV infection
  • Updated advice on the interactions of combined hormonal contraceptives and progestogen-only contraceptives
  • Updated advice on the management of nocturnal enuresis
  • A revised set of cautionary and advisory labels
  • A new look for table summarising antibacterial therapy

Action: BNFC is the primary source of prescribing information when prescribing to all children up to the age of 18 years.

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