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MeReC Bulletin - Making decisions better

The National Prescribing Centre has published a MeReC Bulletin (PDF) that focuses on decision making in healthcare.

The bulletin reviews the link between 'evidence' and 'decision making' noting that there is still variation in the implementation of the best available evidence into clinical practice.

Decision making processes are discussed and common sources of error within these processes are highlighted. A greater understanding of the process and possible sources of bias should allow for more conscious decision making that minimises mistakes.

Action: Clinicians who make healthcare decisions will find this bulletin is review of decision making processes. A greater understanding of these processes and possible bias should result in the ability to make better decisions.

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One Comment to “MeReC Bulletin - Making decisions better”

  1. So, basically, it says make a decision based on fact, but if you have to make a decision not based on fact, you still have to make a decision based on your own judgement = which is what you have to do anyway!

    I believe that this is called Catch 22!

    Comment by jason @ cinnamon agency — September 5, 2011 #

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