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Generic olanzapine launched

Generic manufacturer Actavis has launched a generic version of olanzapine. The product has been launched as both conventional film coated tablets and as orodispersible tablets and is priced competitively compared to the pioneer brand Zyprexa®.

The potential cost savings will only be realised once the Drug Tariff prices are updated.

Reported prices are as follows:

  • 28 x 2.5mg tablets - £6.56
  • 28 x 5mg tablets - £13.11
  • 56 x 7.5mg tablets - £39.33
  • 28 x 10mg tablets - £26.22
  • 28 x 15mg tablets - £35.75
  • 28 x 20mg tablets - £47.67
  • 28 x 5mg orodispersible tablets - £14.42
  • 28 x 10mg orodispersible tablets - £26.22
  • 28 x 15mg orodispersible tablets - £39.33
  • 28 x 20mg orodispersible tablets - £52.44

These prices represent a 70% cost saving against the current prices for the pioneer brand.

Action: Clinicians should ensure prescriptions are issued generically to benefit from the cost savings made possible by this product launch.

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  1. Good clarification. I really like to read it Martha

    Comment by Anna Balancia — February 18, 2012 #

  2. [...] These prices represent a 70% cost saving against the current prices for the pioneer brand. via prescriber.org.uk [...]

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