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Calcipotriol cream discontinued

The manufacturer of calcipotriol cream (Dovonex®) has advised that this product has been discontinued for economic reasons.

The Psoriasis Association note that there are no safety or quality concerns. Current supplies of the cream can continue to be dispensed and used.

Calcipotriol ointment remains available, both as a generic product and as Dovonex. This may be a suitable alternative after consideration of patient acceptability of a greasier product.

Action: Clinicians should be aware of this product discontinuation and make arrangements to switch patients to suitable alternatives.

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107 Comments to “Calcipotriol cream discontinued”

  1. The ointment does not replace the cream at all and leaves me essentially untreated as there is no direct alternative.
    I cannot use the ointment any longer because it has stained all the clothes I have worn over it and nothing can remove the oil/yellow colour. My economics are indeed now worse.
    This is such a common condition with a huge psychological impact please resume production of the cream. Or go better and make it available over the counter without prescription since there are essentially no real risks to use.

    Comment by Nikki — October 6, 2021 #

  2. Please, please you must fight to put the product back for please people like me. That cream was my life line now I cry every single day and night in pain. If I had money I would try and find someone that knows how to make this cream as there are many of us that need this life saver. The only relief in my life has been taken away.

    Comment by Bruno Thomas — February 28, 2021 #

  3. Likewise my skin was managed very well with Dovonex cream, but since its discontinuation I have had to cover myself in greasy calcipotriol ointment almost every night since. This is not a direct alternative and will never replace how well my psoriasis was managed with dovonex (calcipotriol) cream - this has had a big impact on my quality of life.

    Comment by Matt — June 29, 2020 #

  4. I used daivonex cream as I had severe psoriasis and also my skin would split every time I went to the toilet. Since using the cream it cleared up my psoriasis and my skin did not split. Since it has been discontinued I am back to splitting and nothing else works. I can not believe that after all of the pleas that people have been giving that daivonex cream is not brought back on the market. It's always about the money and not about the patient. Very frustrating.

    Comment by Alison Jux — June 21, 2020 #

  5. Dovonex cream was wonderful, it works, goes deep into the skin and clears psoriasis even on the face. I pray it will be made available again ASAP as it is spot the unaffected area on my son. He is covered in psoriasis and the Dovonex cream cleared his father. The ointment did not and does not help my son, please reintroduce the cream nothing else works. J. Walker

    Comment by Jeanette Walker — April 20, 2020 #

  6. Hi, I live in New Zealand like everyone in the UK we find ourselves in the same place no davionex cream. Only oniment in place of it which is not really good option for the sufferers. It's always about dollars & cents. I will have to see my doctor to see where we go from here, I can't afford private health care. We do have daviobet gel; not as greasy it's not too bad but very small bottles which is more doctor visits for more. Also, we have coco scalp which is great for the scalp if I can help with any information please contact me. Thanks, Sue

    Comment by Susan — November 8, 2016 #

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