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Becodisks discontinued

The manufacturer of Becodisks® has announced that this product will be discontinued in 2012. Ventodisks® were discontinued in 2006.

The letter cites "low and declining demand" and the availability of appropriate alternatives as the reasons for the decision to discontinue this product.

A from February 2012 the Becodisk Diskhaler packs in 100microgram, 200microgram and 400microgram with no longer be available in the UK. The Refill packs will no longer be available from May 2012.

Action: Clinicians should be aware of this announcement. Patients who are currently prescribed this medication should be identified and offered appropriate alternatives.

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3 Comments to “Becodisks discontinued”

  1. I agree with Kevin Trudeau. It’s all about the shareholders and their return on investment. The drug companies don’t give a hoot about the needs of patients.

    Comment by Wilfred Lalonde — November 26, 2017 #

  2. I'm shocked these have been discontinued as very suitable for me I now think my quality of life will suffer after using becodisks for over 20 years 🙁

    Comment by Maz — December 27, 2012 #

  3. I recently found out from my pharmacist about the discontinuation of Becodisks. They went to great lengths to source them for me and also contacted my GP to make them aware that they were unable to complete the prescription request (dated August). They also advised me to see my GP to discuss this.
    I have done so and am disappointed that not only did they fail to take note of the advance warning, they also seemed at a loss to provide an alternative; asking if the pharmacist had made any recommendations. I shall be taking this up with them further; but wanted to highlight that, despite having computerised systems to make things easier, there seems to be no forethought or proactivity in dealing with this sort of treatment issue.

    Comment by Vinita Mathur — September 28, 2012 #

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