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MeReC Bulletin - Supporting adoption of evidence

The National Prescribing Centre has published a MeReC Bulletin (PDF) that focuses on the adoption of evidence into practice.

This bulletin takes evidence and ideas from educational theory, decision-making theory, information management and implementation science and brings them together in one place. It notes that directives issued 'from above' may be resisted and that there are no fool-proof solutions.

However, it is suggested that a strategic approach that is adaptable and flexible may prove more useful in addressing the concerns of potential adopters. Deploying a wide range of interventions in a sensitive and appropriate manner can then lead to important improvements in care.

Finally, this bulletin lists some key principles for more successful implementation of evidence into practice:

  • Aim for adoption of the change in practice, not its imposition
  • Consider the concerns and questions of potential adopters
  • Make it easier for people to do the right thing
  • Support effective foraging, hunting and hot-synching
  • Recognise and support the communities of practice in which potential adopters work
  • Allow potential adopters to experiment with and adapt the change in practice to their situation
  • Plan carefully but be flexible and adaptable

Action: This MeReC Bulletin will be a worthwhile read for any clinicians who are also involved in encouraging evidence-based, clinically effective practice.

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