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Prescribing Competency Framework

The National Prescribing Centre (NPC) has published a single competency framework for all prescribers (PDF) that provide a common set of competencies underpin prescribing regardless of professional background.

The NPC has previously published several similar documents that at specific professional groups but over time it has become clear that a common set of competencies apply to doctors, dentists and non-medical prescribers.

The competencies are split into three domains with each domain being further divided into dimensions. Each dimension contains several statements that describe activities or outcomes that would be demonstrated by a "good prescriber".

The domains and dimensions are as follows:

The Consultation
Shared decision making
Prescribing Effectively
Always improving
Prescribing in Context
The Healthcare System
Self and others

Action: Clinicians who can prescribe will find this document to be a useful resource for appraisal, revalidation and reflection.

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