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NICE Guidance - August 2012

The National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) has published new guidance for the month of August 2012. This month there are three clinical guidelines that impact upon primary care.

The Lower limb peripheral arterial disease clinical guideline discusses the diagnosis and management of peripheral arterial disease. It is suggested that mild symptoms can be managed in primary care including advice about exercise, management of cardiovascular risk factors and vasoactive drug treatment.

The Osteoporosis fragility fracture clinical guideline aims to provide guidance on the selection and use of risk assessment tools in the care of people who may be at risk of fragility fractures. The FRAX and QFracture risk prediction tools are both recommended. Risk assessments are recommended in all women over 65 years old and men over 75 years old. Assessments are also recommended in individuals younger than this with risk factors such as previous fragility fractures, use or oral steroids, history of falls, family history of hip fracture, low body mass index (BMI), smoking and alcohol intake above recommended limits.

The Urinary incontinence in neurological disease clinical guideline discusses the assessment and management of lower urinary tract dysfunction that can be the result of neurological disease. Behavioural, drug and interventional treatments are reviewed as well as strategies to recognise and manage potential complications such as frequent urinary tract infections, renal impairment, bladder stones and bladder cancer.

Action: Clinicians should be aware of this month's new guidance and implement any necessary changes to practice.